Turkey Burger w/ Avocado & Roasted Red Peppers

turkey burger frameThe big problem with turkey burgers is they dry out easily. But if you can make it juicy, it’s delicious.

In this burger recipe, I use a toasted english muffin as a bun. It’s crispy, and can handle juice well without getting soggy. Also check out my Garlic Rosemary French Fries Recipe for a great side!

Makes 1 turkey burger

Calories: 380 (if you add ketchup just round up to 400)

What you’ll need:

-4 oz of lean ground turkey

-1/4 of an avocado

-1/4 cup roasted red peppers



-chili powder*

-garlic powder*



*really only need a couple of dashes of each.

-Whole wheat english muffin (I used Thomas’ Light english muffins which are 100 calories a muffin.

-OPTIONAL: balsamic ketchup (I think it added a really great flavor. Heinz makes a brand, but if you can’t find it in the story traditional ketchup, or none at all works well. I wasn’t prepared to venture into making my own ketchup.)

In a bowl, place the turkey, salt, pepper and all the seasonings. Mix together. Make into a patty shape. (My ground turkey was moist enough that it didn’t need a binding agent, but use a tiny bit of egg whites if you find your patty is falling apart. Not too much though or it’ll be really goopy. gross.)

Heat a skillet on the stove (or grill if you have that option. I am not a grill master, but if you are go for it!) & spray with non-stick spray. (I have an olive oil sprayer that i love so I don’t have to keep buying spray. and it doesn’t have aerosol in it.) Place the patty on the stove on medium- medium high heat. (Each stove is different. Jut want to be able to cook the patty through without burning the outside.)

Toast your english muffin (hardest part of the recipe right? ha.)

Chop up the red peppers and avocado.

When you’re patty is done assemble it! Add the balsamic ketchup if you have it. Easy and quick recipe!


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