The Struggle

I find most diet and weight loss articles frustrating. Not because of their information, but because they make it seem like it’s such an easy process! “Just drink more water,” “cut out simple carbs,” and “use smaller plates to trick your brain about portion sizes” are just some of the common phrases and bits of advice you come across. But for so many people (like myself) KNOWING WHAT TO DO isn’t the issue. Many people know stress or our work environment can cause overeating, but it’s not like I can just quit my job or wish the doughnut shop in our building away. (Seriously we have a Dunkin Donuts in our building. It’s awesome and awful at the same time.)

The television, internet blogs and social media flood our senses with how easy it is to lose weight. (see: #transformationtuesday) But for me it’s not easy. I’m writing this blog, and having really great progress.. but I can honestly say the last week has been a struggle. I’ve been under a lot of stress, and as a result, my diet has suffered. I know I shouldn’t be eating the things I have been, but some days I can’t quite stop myself.

Sometimes relapses happen. Sometimes we have stretches where we don’t eat what we should. I don’t want anyone to feel bad because they don’t have the perfect before/after photo in two weeks. I know having a bad day can make you feel like a failure. Becoming healthier is a journey, and what’s important is how you bounce back.

I’m not going to give up. I’ve hit a road bump, but part of finding out what works for you… is finding out what DOESN’T work for you. Maybe this whole post seems cheesy. I was personally struggling with eating well, and wanted other people to know that even for someone writing about healthy food, it isn’t easy.

So keep up the good work! I know I will.



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