Whole Wheat Granola Pancakes w/ Berries & Sweet Yogurt Topping

IMG_1827I got the inspiration for these pancakes after having brunch at Bryan Voltaggio’s Family Meal in Baltimore. The menu has granola pancakes on the menu with a berry jam and creme fraiche. And it was delicious! I like pancakes, but I’m usually a bigger fan of a savory breakfast. But these were amazing. So I decided I wanted to make my own version.

Now, there’s a lot of sugar involved in this recipe. Sugar feels like a very polarizing substance right now- with so many options on how to sweeten your favorite dishes. This recipe involves a lot of sugar. Whether it’s raw sugar, honey, agave, stevia or an artificial sweetener- use whatever you prefer.

One serving makes about 8 pancakes.

What You’ll need:

1 cup whole wheat flour

¾ tsp baking powder

¼ tsp salt

A couple dashes of cinnamon

1 egg

¾ tsp vanilla extract

1 cup unsweetened applesauce

½ cup skim milk

1 cup granola

1 cup plain yogurt (i used greek, but use whatever kind you like best)

1-2 cups your favorite berries (frozen works great!.. I used strawberries and blueberries when I made mine, but any work!)

¼-½ cup water (as needed)

Your favorite sweetener (i used a combination of splenda and honey throughout the recipe… most of this will be to taste, so I’m not giving an exact amount.. especially since the kind of sweetener varies.)

non-stick cooking spray for frying

For the pancakes:

FullSizeRender(4)Combine the whole wheat flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon in a bowl. mix well. In a separate bowl, combine the egg, ½ tsp vanilla extract, applesauce and milk. Mix well. Pour the wet ingredients in with the dry ingredients. fold together. Don’t over mix. Because of the applesauce, the mixture will be lumpy that’s ok! Coat a griddle or pan with non-stick spray. Heat the man to medium heat (this will work better for these pancakes.

Scoop ¼ cup of the mixture into the pan. Make sure the batter is spread thinly (it FullSizeRender(10)doesn’t naturally spread as well as a normal pancake batter so you have to help it out a bit). Sprinkle a handful of granola (or as much as you like) on top of the pancakes (just like you could do for blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes). Once browned on the bottom, flip the pancake. Cook on the other side. (Because these pancakes are denser than traditional pancakes…make sure they care cooked all the way through. They do take a little more time.)

For the yogurt sauce:

In a bowl: combine the yogurt, ¼ tsp vanilla extract, and your sweetener (to taste. I ended up using about a tablespoon of honey… but i also like it sweet!)

For the berry topping:

On medium-FullSizeRender(11)low heat, warm a pan on the stove. Mash the berries before adding them to the pan (if you’re using frozen fruit, mash as you’re cooking after they’ve defrosted). Add the berries and ¼ cup of water. Add some of your favorite sweetener! You generally don’t need much because the berries are sweet enough on their own. If you’re not that into sweets, you can probably leave out the sweetener completely. Stir occasionally until the berry mixture reduces down. Add water as needed, if the sauce gets too quick too fast. It should be the consistency between a syrup and a jelly.

Layer the pancakes with the yogurt sauce, and top with the berry topping. Enjoy!IMG_1827 IMG_1829